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Originally posted by ksjknj. He would immediately call you, wanting to know why in the world you would ever do something like this. Request: BTS reaction to their partner weighing more than them / not being skinny and slim. I myself have suffered with anorexia and depression before and it sucks. 'Just ten more minutes, please. He suddenly stopped however when he heard you rapping the lyrics to one of his mixtapes songs, Monster. I don’t care that it;s midnight and I haven’t prepared for my tests, I had so much fun with this! ☾ ☾ ☾ Kim Seokjin: His fingers traced down the curves of your body as the sunlight tried getting into your room through the curtains. R. You ran off and began to cry. BTS Reaction- to their idol crush being on the same show, & gets teased for her paleness. He knocked on the May 12, 2018 · Compilation of times when Kim Taehyung took the center position !! Dance Practice ver. Originally posted by bts-4lyfe. You were hardly yourself anymore, the chirpy and happy girl was replaced with a tough looking and poker-faced woman. the s/o is really disappointed because they had to get emotionally ready and dressed up . As you whined and mumbled to yourself Tae gazed at you with love in his eyes. I love you, y/n. Aug 28, 2018 · BTS has just released the fourth and final part in their 'Love Yourself' series, titled 'Love Yourself: Answer. No need to swear. don't fall in love with kim taehyung (뷔 bts) challenge! Aug 02, 2019 · You probably already have a favorite BT21 character(s), but have you wondered which one of them resembles you the most? Well, it’s time to take this quiz and find out! Even though the answer options are rather obvious, try not to be biased and answer as honestly as you can. Taking your hand sweeping his hair out of his face to plant a kiss on his forehead he would smile softly in his sleep before pulling you closer and rubbing your back. Although he’d absolutely hate the idea, he wouldn’t be too upset about it. But today, for some reason, you just couldn’t. luv ur blog ” You step out of your panties, bending over and making a show of it, and he raises an eyebrow and smirks but keeps talking on the phone. Ahn Hwan . Basically it says 2020-Jin 2021-Suga 2023-RM and Hoseok 2024-Jimin and Tae 2026-Jungkook Marking their apparent enlistment dates. You two are of the same age and studying at the same college, but Misun will major in Marketing. Anon asked: bts reacts to when they hear you talking in your sleep. Taehyung and you were both cooking together, it was one of your favorite activities to do together on the weekend. They're using their large platform to speak up about the pressures that young people Who choose you as his ideal type: J-Hope (BTS) Originally posted by bwisan. You had no response to that and before Namjoon could take back his words you locked yourself in your bedroom. A/N: I am so sorry if this isn’t the best, reactions/scenarios aren’t my specialty, and I realize as I write each member’s it gets shorter. “God dammit,” you said surprised, quickly placing your coffee down. A/N: Hellooo loves how are you? you good? I’m doing good enjoy this cute lil reaction :) Kim Seokjin (Jin) “Ya! Jagiya~” You heard the door open with stumbling following it. ' It follows "Wonder," 'Her' and 'Tear. BTS Dancing The Night Away With You. He’d find you secretly scolding yourself and talking about your body to yourself in the mirror. As you were straddling him he hands on your hips rubbing his thumbs on The request: Hello sweetie can you do a yandere bts reaction of their s/o being innocent/pure. Edit: Imagine going to bed feeling like shit and waking up to this. Rm: He saw how hard working you were at times it would concern him since you would pull all nighters, finally your body gave up your mind became blurry and you felt yourself fall out of chair. Suga would silently comforting you and totally not forcing you to talk about it. . He’d grab his glass of water with shaky hands, hoping to get rid of his dry throat. BTS reaction to seeing the other members flirt with you (their crush) Anon asked: May I have a bts reaction where they have a crush on you and they see another member flirting with you? i really love your blog btw :) aahhh thank you so much! This is BTS' reaction to the news of the new memberYoongi was sleeping peacefully, Namjoon was showering, Jin was cooking, Hobi was practicing, Jimin was talking to Taehyung, and Jungkook was just on his phone. You two clicked the moment you met and ever since then, you have been inseparable. With expectations As you explored and discovered he would sap photos of you. His face would be blank and he’d leave quietly. Requested A historic concert by K-pop superstars BTS has caused accusations of “whitewashing” an authoritarian regime. You were still in quarantine after 2 weeks and you couldn’t be more bored, but thankfully you were stuck with your boyfriend Jungkook, you had been playing games for the whole two weeks but your last game of Uno ended in a huge argument, leading to you both not talking to each other for 2 whole days, neither of you even acknowledging each other, when finally after a lot of thought “Bts reaction to you stroking them under the table during dinner with the others” This made me crack up as soon as I saw it. Taehyung Inner Planet Natal Reading | Taehyung - Members: Relationship Dynamics. As you admired his face, he took notice, turning to you with a grin and a raised eyebrow. Of course, you came! You sat in the audience, following every more Yoongi made. Originally posted by jeonbase BTS was participating in the idol championship again this year. “You like the way I fill you up don’t you babygirl” he leaned in and whispered into your ear. BTS Reaction | you burning yourself with hot oil while cooking for them. BTS reaction to you, a fan, having self-harm scars. ” Hoseok: *enjoys seeing you happy over your crush* “Jimin is nice. “Yes, of course. quiet in such a way, where it’s just the two of you enjoying each other’s company; just enjoying the fact that they’re actually there. BTS Reaction | you hurting yourself while practicing with them. As you were busying yourself in the kitchen to prepare breakfast some of the top buttons had come loose showing that you weren’t wearing a bra underneath. SingulariTae + Stigma Stage ii. If you want a bbss ship send a selca (in mensage) and a mini text where you describe yourself (for the box or in mensage if you want). He’d be quite touchy while you were talking about something insignificant. Namjoon: *insits he’s equivalent to jhope* “I can dance just as good, look!” “It doesn’t get better then me. requested by @squishybebe . Whether you want to speak out on a social Just when the BTS Army couldn’t handle any more cuteness from Jimin, the man decided to share some photos of himself taking off his shirt in a photo booth. Be you. oh god. Genre: Angst. I know this is a rather delicate subject so I want to let every single one of you that’s reading this know that if you’re struggling with anything, going through hard times or if you simply need someone to talk to, you can always send me a message and I’ll be more than happy to listen to BTS Reaction - When you break up cause you think that you might not be good enough. You protested but his hands squeezed your hips in a way that made you forget the words you were trying to form. I hope you like it @little-miss-sherlock Lots of lub to youu 💕💕 Smol Warning: This involves certain health issues that. however, he quickly came to regret that decision when he saw you taking off your tank top that A/N: Can I have a reaction to you passing out from exhaustion because you haven’t been able to sleep much? Jin / Kim Seokjin Even though you’ve felt incredibly tired all day to the point where you can barely open a bottle of water on your own you decided to help Seokjin in the kitchen, who is currently cooking your favorite meal to cheer You talking to sleepy BTS HOPEFULLY CUTE AS ALWAYS :* I don’t know about you but everytime I see them nap backstage on their little mat, my heart is aching because it is saddening that they’re so over-worked. Jin: He’d walk into the apartment to see you hunched over the floor and before he could ask you what you were doing he caught a glimpse of the painting that laid in front of you. In 2013, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook BTS Reaction to being needy/clingy and wanting affection. Maybe at a party or a club. ' All of these are thematically related to a BTS Reaction: They’re Drunk and Cuddly. "I’m Kim Nam Jun, RM of BTS. It was a long day in the studio and he couldn’t seem to keep his mind off of you. Though he would be a bit mad from being woken up he would still try to make sure you were okay. 1:16pm . Tae-Day’s Menu (Masterlist Birthday Project) Stage i. namjoon approached his hyung and sat beside him before taking a sip of his beverage and saying, “you know they It’s so sad to see that you’re career has taken a negative toll by writing articles like these, and I’m not just talking about that you write about BTS (thanks for making them more famous Jimin would support you no matter what, but he would want you to be absolutely and 100% sure before you make a decision. My request: BTS reaction to S/O talking dirty during sex? You know, the old good “ Your d*** feel so good ” or “ It’s so big ” 藍. As you sat there, Yoongi walked into your room and came up behind you, his fingers suddenly tracing from your neck all the way down to your shoulders, along your damn skin, before you felt him tug on your towel which allowed it to fall into your lap ♥ Thanks for the request ♥ SeokJin: Originally posted by rapdaegu You came home and immediately ran to the bathroom, not even greeting him as you passed, causing him to be slightly concerned. anyone else in the room could pick up on jin’s obvious jealousy as he stared at the two of you in envy, but you and taehyung were of course oblivious. Until you were leaving and you saw a lot of other people with stuffies. 2) . . Doesn’t give a shit how you look and will literally worship the ground you walk on. ) But it seems indisputable to say that sometime over the past two years You two met at the age of 15 when you moved to Korea. You noticed him staring and pouted. BTS Reaction: You Leave After A Fight (Mafia AU)(Hyung Line)(A/N: Requests are going strong at the moment, and for the fans of my series, Loving Joke, don’t worry, I’ll update soon. You know, just to really ruin his fans BTS reaction: their s/o trying to lose weight Request: please write a bts reaction to their s/o trying to lose weight not because they think they look fat but because they think they’re too heavy Thank you for the request :) Anyone who does want to lose weight should do it in the healthiest way, also make sure you’re doing it for yourself May 05, 2018 · BTS reaction to you dying (SuperHero AU) (I think I know who your talking about wink wink) RM: Your eyes widen as you felt pain in your stomach, “h-how. Jin. Thus, making him very quiet around everyone. He continued to rub your wet folds and although you were normally very responsive to him you tried to keep quiet due to his request. His eyes would widen and his mouth would open into a sweet grin as he let out a soft ‘wow’. The maknae of the group, an angel. Hello,I just read a bts fic and I’m soft. You knew he was good but it was like he was on fire Jul 01, 2016 · But we know that A. Jungkook was scrolling on his phone until he got a text that said "Hey Jungkook, can You tell the other boys there is a new member who will join you guys. Suga. bts reactions Random. Namjoon rushed over to you carrying you and putting you on the couch “dammit. “Y/N, are you okay?” he asked and you answered with a simple ‘yeah’ not calming his worries. As long as it was just a crush on a screen and one that you’d never meet. BTS Reaction to s/o teasing them with the members Situation: He was busy reading something on his phone while you and the Members were bored and thought about what you could do to entertain yourself. So I hope you like and have a great day. "I have many faults and I have many fears, but I am going to embrace myself as hard as I can, and I’m starting to love myself, little by Bts Reaction- You kiss them thinking they are asleep but they actually aren´tRequest: Hiii! Can I request reader kisses them cause they think they are asleep but they aren’t? BTS Reaction ┊ Witnessing your short temper for the first time (maknae line) Request: are your request open? if so you should totally do a reaction to the boys’ seeing their s/o’s short temper for the first time lmao. like 100% me. :) Seokjin: After he had joked about something silly, which really bothered you, it led to a stupid argument. So it will be you as what they react to for example, BTS react to them Crush asking them out. Words: 1488. Jin: …if it helps you “Right, I am going to help you cook. he had decided to accompany you to the gym since he was off for a few days and he finally had the opportunity to go with you. ” You giggled thinking he was talking about your daughter but he wasn’t. The show is all about BTS doing activities, challenges and lots more. “Can I come in?” He asked. Namjoon had taken you to the zoo as a treat for not being able to spend as much time with you during the most recent comeback and it had been fantastic. BTS REACTION TO YOU GIVING THEM A SHOW anon said : BTS AND GOT7 REACTING TO YOU GIVING THEM A “SHOW” 😏😏😏😏😏😈😈😈😈😈 A/N : I am currently only writing for one group at a time, but if you’d like to see the Mar 28, 2019 · Or maybe the cover of this magazine is the first time you’ve truly noticed BTS. just having a great time dancing together. Edit: YO “I NEED U” STARTED PLAYING ON MY SHUFFLE AS I WAS WRITING THIS AND NOW IM DEAD. A/N: Hey, my baby stars! So, usually I would have posted a EXO reaction, but the BTS feels are strong lately, so I posted another reaction of them and added EXO in! I hope you guys like this one! :) I love you so much baby stars and I wish you the best for the year Yandere!BTS Reaction - Seeing You with Another Man ( I’m sorry it’s kinda trash @mazerunner353 ) Sitting across from your study partner, you take a sip of your coffee, leaning against the window with your shoulder. I hope you guys enjoy it! Requested by anon *gifs are not mine* Jin: He’d start sweating profusely, trying to get you to stop. pairing: bangtan x reader fandom: bts warnings: mentions of sex ; teasing (in public) ; language genre: smut . Read their reaction to you giving them head during a vlive. he would be extremely joyous when you had started to tell him things about you. RM. the song made boys tear up! london day 2, 2019 love yourself: speak yourself. One Member started teasing him and you followed. !” Sep 24, 2018 · BTS just made history again. Jin: * You talked so much , that he couldn’t say anything. This quiz game is for all ARMYs and kpop lovers, play this BTS quiz to see which BTS member are you? Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook? More quizzes by KpopStarsQuiz: Kpop Quiz Just because they didn’t say much didn’t mean they didn’t care about but, you found it better if they just let you get it out yourself and come to them when you felt better. *a/n: i realize that what is written or said in english might (most likely) won’t make any sense if it were to be translated in to Korean, but this is just for the fun of it, so just pretend okay* “Yeah, I don’t want you to see that side of me. warnings: /Genre: Angst; crack; fluff; comfortSummary : Finding their s/o crying is one thing, knowing the reason behind it is sure as hell anotherA/n: I wrote this in one sitting! Enjoy my first reaction and surely more to come!!Kim Seokjin Originally posted by jhopefluxoHe was awoken by the sound of your sobs, and as he tried to wrap an arm around you next to him, he realized that the space Aug 24, 2018 · BTS returned Friday (Aug. Yoongi woke up from the loud thump and looked over at you and groaned. You knew he was good but it was like he was on fire BTS Reaction || Bittersweet Song [Part 2] [Request] A/N: I’m sorry some are shorter than the others I’m unwell at the moment Seokjin: The interviews were set up without yours or Jin’s knowledge, it A/N: I really hope I did this reaction justice and did a good job on it. Jin spared a glance at you, seeing how you would react so he knows if he should defend you or you do it yourself, but seeing the expression you made, he kept quiet. You burned yourself. ” Originally posted by kimthehyung. ) You would giggle softly at his cute chubby cheeks and parted lips with his messy hair falling over his eyes. “Thanks,” you replied. Y. May 29, 2018 · BTS, who just became the first K-pop act ever to top the Billboard 200 album sales chart, have become a record-setting success story in part because of their willingness to buck this convention BTS, keep making noise and winning awards so she can smile on in heaven. Jhope Sep 03, 2019 · Brace yourself, because you may be reading about music history in the making. I'm talking about two superstars coming together, the collab to end all collabs. Can you do a BTS Reaction to when you come out Gay to them - Anon. whatta dumb thing but im just really curious as to how they would act. BTS Reaction: You Distancing Yourself Because You Don’t Think You Deserve Them Anon asked: Could I please get bts reaction to their S/O distancing themselves because they don’t think they are enough for them and don’t want to be hurt after a breakup? BTS Reaction: They find out their S/O has a chronic illness when she/he has a bad episode. Requested by anon (feel free to request more) Jungkook: “What are you talking about?? I can barely see them! You were wearing one of his dress shirts that hung loosely up till mid thigh. It’s for your good. Taking the razor from you, he’d lift you onto the counter. ( sorry I don’t know if you’ve done anything like this before ) Seokjin: "Babe, I BTS reaction to you saying something weird/sexual in your sleep. Yet, when you two had run into one of Jin’s idol friends, who was a girl, you started to question yourself. Ma’am, sorry, but this is a place for people with guts. After you calmed down he would have a serious talking with you. You had to cut up a tough vegetable and you had difficulties. Taehyung: He’d let you know he was interested by the way he looked at you, always winking and licking his bottom lip before smiling at the blush 1:16pm . 'Thats to bad, Im ready now. another reaction~ i hope you enjoy! please let me know if you like it. it was something that a lot of the people you knew couldn’t understand, how the two of you could just sit there, but in a way, it made sense in your head You Attempt Suicide After An Argument (Pt. request: “could you do bts reaction when there gf is practcing with them and memebers for fun and she broke her (arm, hand, finger or leg) if thats okay with you” You’d find yourself falling into a routine with him and after a while you two would sit there laughing not fully remembering how the two of you fell into a relationship. Which would be you. Genre: slight smut, comedy, fluff, bestfriend!bangtan. Jin: Y/N: AND THEN HE STARTED TO– Jin: Heyhey, calm down, Y/N. You were still in quarantine after 2 weeks and you couldn’t be more bored, but thankfully you were stuck with your boyfriend Jungkook, you had been playing games for the whole two weeks but your last game of Uno ended in a huge argument, leading to you both not talking to each other for 2 whole days, neither of you even acknowledging each other, when finally after a lot of thought You and Jungkook had experimented using a vibrator and well, it was panties which vibrated which made you completely forget you had them on until when the movie began and Hobi tried to turn the sound up but instead turning on your vibrator, you sat 15 minutes trying to calm yourself down, but frankly you got wetter by the minute and needed your Yandere BTS! Reaction to you having a celebrity crush Namjoon: . Let’s get it! if you like this reaction, please let me know! BTS Reaction for their s/o being introverted and having a good friend who they rarely hang out with. The Korean group were the first non-Arab artists to play a stadium in the country There is a picture that a lot of people have seen. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Namjoon would edge you on first to talk dirty to him, wanting to hear how good he made you feel. They say that making music helps them feel better and they want it to do the same for their fans. They became the first K-Pop band to ever speak at the United Nations on September 24, and their speech, read by RM, was beautiful. You gently took a seat holding your head. He smiles as he helped you cut up the vegetables. "I’m a hip-hop idol and an artist from a small town in Korea. But remember that you are eliminating all chances of it getting better by just quitting. I don’t care what you look like down there. Anything from talking to the locals, to the simple mornings and afternoons. N. I’m gonna change it to any language instead of just Portuguese~ hope you don’t mind! BTS: Reaction to you speaking your native language ♥Jin: Don’t get him wrong, he found it adorable that you were confident with your first language and he didn’t mind listening to the conversations you had with your mom, but when your attention drifted off of him for too long he’d get irritated. Jul 24, 2017 · BTS - Reaction to Having An Argument With You As requested. To you it looked like they were flirting and had a thing for each other. You sighed and looked at him before undoing your towel. Talking to you in his deep morning voice. BTS reaction when you apologise after a fight with ice cream Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3 J-Hope: *He’d think you were so sweet to get him something to apologise with, he’d still be salty about what you fought about but he’d forgive you in a heart beat with the ice cream* EXO reaction when you apologize for talking too much about something you are passionate about Anon said: Exo reaction to the girl they like starts talking passionately about something she really enjoys -for the first time- just to stop herself and apologise because people had told her it’s stupid and she’s annoying in the past. tags: bts bts reaction bts reactions bangtan bangtan reactions rapmon namjoon suga yoongi jin seokjin jhope hoseok jimin v taehyung jungkook jeongguk Oct 18 17 @2:59pm with 26 notes Anonymous : Hello~ not sure if reactions are open or not, but if they are can you so bts reacting to their son running away? Run BTS! (Hangul: 달려라 방탄!; RR: Dallyeora Bangtan!) is a South Korean show by the boy band BTS. It just naturally happened. I will always post when I have time to do it. Thank you, each and every one of you, for your warm and uplifting support. You was embarrassed . I woke up at 4 to be at dance at 6 and then I dropped the f bomb while talking directly to my anatomy teacher (She’s really cool so she was just really surprised) and then I come home and eat supper and I had an allergic reaction to the fish I ate like I had hives and swollen lips so there’s an insight Mar 17, 2018 · BTS reaction to you fainting from overworking yourself. ” Originally posted by jimiyoong. BTS reaction to seeing their boyfriend workout JIN: he had to refrain himself from jumping your bones right then and there. I interpreted this as Yandere bts mafia’s s/o being Jun 02, 2019 · At a press conference before BTS took to the stage at London’s Wembley Stadium on Saturday, rapper Suga mentioned their goals when deciding on the set list for their “Love Yourself: Speak Hello~ We are BTS!! Apr 11, 2020 · It was this “weirdness” that enabled him to cross paths with global superstars BTS, who were once considered “weird” themselves. Jin “And in what twisted world do you think that i would agree on breaking up because of that? BTS Reaction : You coming out Gay. He would find this very attractive and I do believe he would find you most beautiful when you spoke in your mother tongue, he would enjoy every up and down and the sweet tune of it all. ” Originally posted by eatjin. Kim Namjoon. Yoongi: You sat there at your dressing table in nothing but your towel as you had not long come out of the shower. You are a danger to yourself. Imporrtanteu Bijinessu 755,123 views Oct 18, 2017 · BTS Speaking English Reaction (English Speakeu with BTS) #2 BTS Speaking English Reaction (English Speakeu with BTS) BTS Speaking English Reaction (English Speakeu with BTS) - Duration: BTS Reactions - Making you cry during a fight (Angst) Part 1: Hyung Line • Maknae Line Part 2: Hyung Line • Maknae Line A/N: I’m ending this reaction with a cliffhanger, so if you would like to read You didn’t realize he had come because you were so desperate for your own release and he was still hard inside you; You managed to fuck yourself against him until you finally found it, mewling into the pillow; When you realize the wetness pooled between your legs isn’t just you, you hit his shoulder with the heel of your hand weakly. Hiii it’s me again XD sorry if i’m spamming you guys but i have lots of time this week hehe :D sooooo ENNNJOOOOYYY!!!!! gifs don’t belong to me <3. Jun 05, 2020 · Army had a secret mission to surprise bts by singing 'young forever' for the boys during london wembley stadium show. Yoongi was selected to play basketball which he was really excited about. For the next few days he really wouldn’t be able to think about much other than what you said. Sep 18, 2017 · BTS - DNA (English Translation) Lyrics: At first sight, I could recognize you / As if we were calling for each other / The DNA in my blood vessels tell me / That it’s you I was looking all over Apr 25, 2018 · This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. ” You told him ernestly, giving the side of his head a kiss. bts reaction: you save them from falling into a pool Basically~ you’re at a formal house party, so everyone’s dressed nicely: suit and tie for the males, and a dress for the females. He threw your leg over his shoulder and continued to pound into you. I’ll do maknae line later (sorry!) Hyung line| Maknae line Kim Seokjin. Watch the full speech here! BTS Reaction: How You Met. he would BTS Reaction: You Changing Your Hair While They’re Away. Thank you in advance and much love to you! Fighting! A/N: Thank youuuu <3. Dec 07, 2018 · BTS' Love Yourself: Tear, and the album's art director HuskyFox, were nominated in the Best Recording Package category, which celebrates the visual look of an album. “God, I love you. Namjoon knew that you were a little in love with him. Originally posted by slapmon. YOU ARE READING. You were walking home from work today to enjoy the nice weather. Kim Taehyung: Reading the letter, Taehyung would be upset. You gave him an hour while you showered to blast their music to work on his choreography but when he was still turning and hip thrusting when you got out of the shower you told him it was time to turn it off. (If you are Korean, pretend you moved to another city). And when you appeared in his house without bra on, because you were using an strapless shirt, he felt flirted. (Stranger things have happened in 2019. Namjoon. i tried to put a lot of thought into each member’s reaction so that they differ and you aren’t reading the same thing over and over! it is long, but i tried to have lots of detail in it so that’s why it’s so long~ BTS continues to top the charts, but members of the group are interested in talking about more than music. I-Ruin-Video-Games!” You exclaimed. Normally you would be able to get around the room but you didn’t see the backpack on the floor and down you went. “No,” was all he said at first, "if you’re too paranoid to think you could hurt yourself, you’re probably going to hurt yourself. He invited you to come and watch because now you could finally see him play. So he comes over to you, and tries to shout over the music that you can relax and that there’s no need to feel shy* “_____, don’t hesitate to dance! It’s not about looking good tonight, it’s about having fun!! Haha! This is completely me. "Like most people, I made many mistakes in my life. from the story dirty bts reactions by hazzapapi (kat) with 80,880 reads. There is no use in forcing yourself to do something that is painful for you. request: hii bts reaction when they are in a mafia finding out you are pregnant, so they become extra proactive and more sweet then usual. BTS Reaction - Their Crush Kissing Their Cheek And Calling Them Cute Seokjin - You’d be standing just outside a coffee shop after he’d finished practice, relaxing and talking. ” V. Please enjoy. it didn’t happen intentionally since you were with him for such a long time you had started talking more about you without your own conscious. You moaned out in response causing him to thrust harder into you. He walks over to you concerned. ” He’d kiss you, and then carry you back to the bedroom to sleep. Probably talking about something really weird or really sexual xD J-Hope/Hoseok. (2013 - 2017) - Duration: 17:46. “Yah what are you looking at Mr. Lately you had thrown yourself into work to escape the memories and the heartbreak of your last relationship. You took a sip of your coffee, forgetting to blow on it to cool it down. Taehyung now and then kept slapping your behind. Sep 05, 2016 · I think you need help. Hopefully, tonight I will have posted an EXO reaction and a BTS reaction besides this one (that depends if my father decided to turn the Wi-Fi off sadly). BTS REACTION TO THEIR MAFIA S/O BEING PREGNANT. Then your boyfriend is about to fall into the pool but you save them. You liked filming yourself talking about aliens probes and government clones at 3 am, which Namjoon really resonated with. You glared at him. ” Namjoon’s hands would tighten their grip on your waist when you continued to grind against him only moments after he had already released inside of you. ⇒ KIM SEOKJIN. Sure!!! I wouldn’t mind! Being gay is not bad and there are other sexualities like Pansexual (Me), asexual, etc… SORRY ILL JUST KEEP TALKING ON TO THE REACTIONS Hi @kpopthirstaddicted ! Thank you for your request! I hope you like this, I didn’t do the EXO one because I have a similar one (it’s about height tho, this one: Exo reacting to you being insecure about your height (small)), but if you still want it just let me know so I can do the Exo one too ;) Enjoy, and take care xoxo. the friend makes plans but then cancels last minute. ” He told you, raising his head from your shoulder to give your lips a kiss. " He stared at the text V: *BTS takes you clubbing with them when Taehyung notices that you are feeling too shy to let go on the dance floor. Then he kissed you to stop you from talking because he wanted to say something . You slowly yoongi: the two of you are usually quiet- not so much in a bad way, but in a peaceful, serene way. His mouth would fall open, breathing ragged as he watched you lift yourself up so only his tip was inside you before lowering yourself back down again. I hope you baby stars have had or are having a relaxing Sunday and I also hope you have a good week ahead of you. BTS reaction: Finding out you have chronic pain *Requested* JINJin noticed you wincing in pain, holding your back. M. “I would’ve given you a cuddle after!” You fake cried as you saw you had failed the schedule because you missed those last few notes. ” he admitted, kissing your shoulder. Yup, Justin Bieber may be working on bts reaction to you falling a/n- hello april!! i hope you like this ~ i tried to make it funny!! Seokjin- You and your boyfriend were simply taking a walk through the park, hand in hand and talking about your day. “If you want to quit that is entirely your decision. I know this is something that almost everyone that writes bts reactions does at one point, but I couldn’t help myself, SO I’m with you and I would be damned if you changed for me. That way the result will be more accurate. I know that this is a very serious topic, and I do not take suicide lightly. Jung Hoseok/J-hope, Kim Taehyung/V: Would look at the positive side and try to cheer you up by talking about the good times instead of crying they would make you laugh. s have a special connection with these talented boys, so we're challenging you to try and answer the questions yourself! Tap to play or pause GIF Elaina Wahl & Sarah Han Love Yourself is an awesome name for a tour - but why have BTS called it that? Lots of the band's music is all about encouraging self love. like an i’ll cut you bitch attitude c: @callme-theophania Jul 24, 2017 · He handed you your drink, smiling his cute smile with dimples. BTS - you're not skinny. Bts reaction to you squirting: Namjoon. You felt you orgasm approaching faster as he started to rub your clit. Really, your channel just consisted of anything you felt like, from blending ramen smoothies to trying to make your own metal straws. “Bts reaction to you stroking them under the table during dinner with the others” This made me crack up as soon as I saw it. ’ Bts reaction to you crying next to them They don’t know you This was kinda inspired by Love Yourself RM part 🌺Admin Lulu🌺 Jungkook: he is nervous and doesn’t know what to do, so he will talk nonsense Mafia!Yandere! BTS reaction: you calm him down ☾ *Soft hours open* ☾ ☾ ☾ Kim Seokjin: Jin was not impressed when he found out a member of the rival gang has been sending you very inappropriate letters. He’d then sit you down and ask you to tell him more about how you learned how to paint and then ask you to paint Namjoon had just come home from work when he heard you ‘talking’ to yourself in the bathroom. Jungkook: You knew, you always knew, to behave yourself in public if you regressed. inspired by the jlo waiting for tonight video. Nov 25, 2017 · Mafia!BTS Jealous Reaction Request: Hello! 😄 I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to make a mafia!bts reaction of when their s/o is close to someone else in the mafia and they get BTS Reaction to Flirting With You Then Finding Out You’re Dating a EXO Member. “I don’t mind, you’re human and have emotions. ━━━━━━ Rap Monster: After a heated fight between the two of you the sentence “What was I thinking when I chose to date you” escaped out of the mouth of Namjoon. [eng/viet sub] bts reaction stigma v solo wings tour 2017 pẶc thÍnh. Namjoon laughed at your mistake. Nov 28, 2017 · BTS Quiz 2018 – Which BTS Member Are You? Are you a fan of BTS? Want to know Which BTS Member Are You? So play this BTS Quiz 2018. While the award itself will be Sep 05, 2015 · Bts reaction they kiss you to stop you talking. He’s looking at your face but when you slide your hand down sensually and spread yourself to show him the diamond stud, his voice falters and his mouth opens. Y/N: But it make me feel better. a/n: I don’t even know man, it just kinda happened again, lol. Now she’s talking to herself huh? he asked himself with a small smile as he made his way closer to the bathroom. Thank you anon for this request! To all my beautiful people out there, never let anyone make you feel like you are not good enough <3. You were purposely ignoring Tae and talking to the other maknae’s instead of him. ” you felt your eyes grow heavy “Namjoon there!” Yelled Jin “got I-Y/N!!” He quickly ran over to you “p-please stay with me. Sep 24, 2018 · "Find your name, find your voice by speaking yourself. Nov 26, 2017 · The Argument | BTS Reaction; Summary: You and your boyfriend had a huge argument, it ended up with him yelling at you in a way you’d never seen him do before and he ended up scaring you. He could not hear you crying meaning the impact left you to stunned to cry, further deepening his worries. pairing: bts x fem!reader. Anonymous asked: can you do a BTS Reaction to their crush saying “if I could lose my virginity to anybody i want it to be you” *i changed it a bit so it’s their s/o, I hope you like it sweetheart* warnings: smut Never wanting to pressure you into doing anything. You blushed, wishing he would give you more contact. Jan 16, 2016 · JIMIN: Because he knows how much of a BTS fan you are, he would take you to their studio and you two would goof around with the booth, recording yourself singing some of their songs and him finding it cute when you got the notes wrong. I figured this would improve my writing skills plus hopefully I’ll get some unique ideas that haven’t been done before. Heated sessions never went farther than just making out. If you have any request please leave them in the comments and I hope you enjoy. BTS reaction to you teasing them in public. “No, I mean…It’s amazing how you’re just naturally good at his…Feeding, burping…everything. ” You stared at him and then pulled your daughter away from you, handing her to Jimin to burp. If you think you’re not attractive to this boy…rip you and your sleep schedule ;) “If you say you’re not sexy one more time, I swear you’re BTS Reaction to Hearing You Swear While Ranting. Jun 08, 2018 · BTS sat down for an interview on the June 8 episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” where they talked about their fans, the Billboard Music Awards, and more! The show highlighted how the group had Oct 08, 2019 · With BTS there has been the ongoing “Love Yourself” narrative, paired with their work with the U. I posted trying to connect with the only hobby I knew about my sister, and came out getting the much needed pat on the back. *requested by @kpopgirlbtssvt sorry I took such a long time*. ” You said smoothly, looking straight into the guy’s eyes as you spoke. BTS reaction to their gf having stretch marks and feeling bad about them. BTS Reaction - You being quiet during sex [M] Honestly not my best but thanks to the anon that requested this! Seokjin [Jin] - Jin wanted you to moan for him but he knew that it was risky with the boys home. Having experienced depression himself, he knew it was nothing to joke about at all. * Namjoon: Don’t blush like that ! It was You weren’t like all the idols he was around all the time, with their perfect bodies and hair. I always feel bad afterword too!!! Thank you for your request! Please remember not to push yourself too hard and keep yourself hydrated and fed~ Do your best on your tests to everyone! You can do it!! You can do the thing!!! ~Admin Em Jin: When you get angry: “I guess I’ll just comeback later then…” *Backs away slowly* When you regret it Who choose you as his ideal type: Rap Monster (BTS) Originally posted by ariescults-moved. A/N: So today has been a DAY. You were just you, and normally you were happy with your body. Pairing: bts x reader Genre: reaction Warnings: minor explicit language under the cut. You could see him getting more and more irritated until he walked over to where you sat with his other members and picked you up and put you on his lap. Anon asked: Hi! Can you do a bts reaction to dancing the night away together. ” Aug 11, 2015 · BTS Reaction to you falling down the stairs A/N: I’ve actually haven’t done any reactions before but I wanted to give it a shot. jin leaned back in his seat observing you and taehyung while the two of you were caught up in a conversation. S Sep 02, 2017 · I’m glad you haven’t done anything stupid to yourself. ’ he begged. He’d be surprised and a little scared. dirty, yoongi, namjoon. He followed you and lightly knocked on the bathroom door. Mar 31, 2020 · “You made her too, Jimin, she’s not just mine. * Originally posted by vminv. Bts: talking about another member (crush) Bts has a crush on you and you like another member and your always talking about them!. After you would listen to yourself singing, you’ll laugh your ass off until he would reach his dolphin Nov 15, 2019 · [Yandere Mafia BTS Reaction to You Being in Love with Their Rival] - [A/N: Got the day off tomorrow, so I worked HAM to get this done after so long. You knew Jin had been out drinking with his members celebrating their recent comeback. Jungkook: He would hate that you complain about it because for his Fan-Meet | BTS Reaction; Summary: You go to a fan meeting, finally getting your chance to see the man you loved - after being away for so long with work and everything, your relationship had only been through a number of Skype and phone calls, along with a few Snapchats and texts. I need to protect my fellow Caps so today we’re going to be talking about Taehyung! I hope you enjoy the reading! Masterlist. The first season was aired on August 1, 2015, and every Tuesday in the week, unless an episode of BTS Gayo was aired. bts bangtan sonyeondan bts imagines bts reactions bts scenarios bts drabbles bts fic bts fanfic bts asks bts prompts bts requests btscreatorscorner bts x reader kim namjoon kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok park jimin kim taehyung jeon jungkook Taehyung x reader kim taehyung x reader taehyung x you taehyung x y/n taehyung x reader fluff Dec 29, 2017 · BTS Reaction || You not wearing bra when you’re with them Warnings: none. Innocence | BTS Reactions. 24) with the release of their Love Yourself: Answer album, bringing to a close one era of the South Korean act’s career in the most inspiring of ways. Fatal mistake. EXO reaction when you apologize for talking too much about something you are passionate about Anon said: Exo reaction to the girl they like starts talking passionately about something she really enjoys -for the first time- just to stop herself and apologise because people had told her it’s stupid and she’s annoying in the past. You huff impatiently and straddle his hips. BTS was participating in the idol championship again this year. So this book is going to be BTS Reactions. He was tired and just wanted to get some rest and cuddle with you. The boys were all talking and laughing, but you were focused on Kookie and the way his eyes lit up whenever someone said something funny and the way his nose crinkled when he laughed. request: “hi can u make a bts reaction on like how would they react if u got splashed by really hot oil whil cooking dinner for them? lol. and their openness on topics like mental health. RapMonster: *He kissed you because you was talking too much. 珞. RIP. “Y/n y/l/n, you’re going to have to fight me when you get home. bts reaction to you talking to yourself

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